10 Best Electronic Dart Boards

In recent years, Electronic Dart Board have exploded in popularity because they provide a safer and more engaging option for people of all ages to practice the sport at home. But if you get a low-quality Electronic Dart Board, your darts will bounce all over the place, and the game will be less entertaining. This post will discuss the top electronic dart boards and provide a list of our top picks.

Electronic Dart Board

Many aspects that contribute to a stable and entertaining board have been the subject of our studies. The size of the dartboard (is it a regulation size or a toy) and the extras it comes with are two examples. Please specify the number of darts and replacement tips. We have also covered many other elements of electronic boards, including installation, power, and more.

Experts in the game of darts spent many weeks gathering data on electronic dart board from manufacturers, seasoned players, and casual consumers. A short table summarises our findings, and after that, we give in-depth analyses of the top models we uncovered, followed by a shopping recommendation. You can get the best dart board for your requirements, whether you want to play professionally or simply want a fun game for parties, by reading the purchasing guide and reviews carefully and deciding which characteristics are most important to you.

Top Electric Dart Board

1. DARTSLIVE-200S Soft Electronic Dart Board

Our staff has decided that the DARTSLIVE-200S Soft Electronic Dart Board is the ideal electronic dart board for most players. It is quite popular since it is compatible with fantastic software, Dartslive, and provides a wide range of functions to accommodate both professional and casual players. The board’s diameter is 15.4 inches; this is significantly less than the tournament size of 18 inches but is otherwise the norm for electronic boards.


Mainly users are most interested in the app’s functionality. It has built-in sharing with other users, improvement tracking, and training modes. You can learn to hit triple 20 or the bullseye consistently using the training settings.

2. Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dart Board

Electronic Dart Board are fun and exciting to play. It’s great for a night in with the family or friends or for some quiet time. Depending on your degree of expertise, you may choose among five challenge levels. You may easily play with as few as four people or as many as eight.


Since it is an electronic game, the results for each player or team are tallied instantly. The results are shown on the LCD panels. You can also see how many castings are still available on this screen. The buttons allow you to adjust the settings and run the applications. One of these is the begin/terminate button. The convenience of having it up front led to its placement there.

3. Biange Electronic Dart Board

This is an excellent choice if you want a dartboard that can stand up to regular usage in your house. It has everything you need, and you may use it for as long as you choose, whether for casual play or rigorous training.


You may have a lot of fun with the board in various ways beyond just the standard gameplay since it has 27 games with 243 different permutations. Comprehensive guidelines are included, so you can start using them immediately.

4. Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Standing Electronic Dart Board

When it comes to electronic darts, Arachnid is a household name. Over more than four decades, this corporation has served as the industry standard. Over the years, they’ve earned a reputation for producing high-quality Electronic Dart Board.


Set up your dartboard using this brand’s product. The 650 model is a great choice for those looking for a middle-of-the-road product. It has an ornate design that would be at home in a bar. The aesthetics leave no room for doubt as to its intended use. It is tall and small so that it can go just about everywhere.

The standard size for games and competitions is 15.5″, and that’s exactly what you get. Thus, a serious player may use this as a practice board.

5. Viper Neptune Electronic Dart Board

Among dartboards, the Viper Neptune is the only one I’d purchase merely to have in my collection. This piece of furniture would be more at home in a Rat Pack picture or a club in England in the 1960s than in most people’s homes.


Don’t bother with the fancy extras: There are over fifty games to choose from, players are grouped closely together to minimize rebounds, and the screen is a bright LED. I believe the phrase “timeless” best describes it. The focal point of the whole area is much more than a dart board. And there is zero risk for kids using it.

This excellent dart board may also be a talking point with the neighbors. The price tag is steep, but the aesthetic value is undeniable.

6. Arachnid Bullshooter Marauder 5.0 Electric Soft Tip Dartboard Cabinet Set

If you want an electronic dartboard, but like the appearance of a classic cabinet, this is a perfect choice. Unlike bristle boards, electronic dartboards don’t need to be stored in a cabinet, but they still look wonderful whether placed in a gaming room or home bar. You’ll need to consider that it’s bulkier overall, but the actual playing surface is still just 15.5 inches, the same as most of the boards we’ve shown.


The points from any game option you’ve chosen are tallied and shown clearly in the lighted scoring windows, which are a lovely touch. You may choose from a wide variety of darts games thanks to the game’s 38 variants and more than 100 variations within each mode.

7. Viper 850 Electronic Dart Board

If you’re more interested in playing with friends and family or practicing your skills on your own, than competing with others online, the Viper 850 is a great option. Because of the quality of the real playing surface, it has made our list of the finest soft-tip electronic dart boards.


The display on the scoreboard has been carefully updated to make the numbers easier to see; in contrast, you may find yourself continuously straining or bending forward to read the numbers on other boards. More than 50 unique game types may be played with no learning curve.

8. Arachnid Inter-Active 3000 Electronic Dart Board

This dartboard is highlighted because it is reasonably priced and offers an excellent alternative for those who prefer smaller equipment. It may be installed at a lower height, making it suitable for use by kids and teens. The target area is 13 inches rather than the more common 15.5 inches. The micro-thin spider was created to ensure that the darts don’t go flying off the board. Not only that, but if you feel your bounce-outs were unjustly administered, you may go back and make changes.


A popular method to play with larger groups, it has 27 games with 123 variants and five types of cricket. This board can accommodate as many as eight players, making it ideal for parties. As an added bonus, there is a “solo” option for when you just want to play by yourself. There is a novelty heckler option, but it’s a hassle to have to manually disable it every time you start the game if you don’t want it.

9. WIN.MAX Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard Set with Cabinet

There are certain drawbacks to this type, but if you’re playing with a large group, the fact that it is built into a cabinet and contains a large number of darts may be quite useful. Each of up to four players may have their dartboard. It comes with 40 replacement tips for when the original ones wear out. Up to four players may keep the score simultaneously, and thanks to the straightforward controls and LED display, keeping score is a breeze. This works well for cooperative play.


Despite the substantial cabinet size, it is surprisingly straightforward to set up and comes with all of the necessary mounting gear. The high number of bounce-outs is a major drawback and the main reason why this dartboard isn’t higher on our list of the best dartboards. It may be annoying when darts don’t stick due to the peculiarities of the playing surface and the darts. Fixing this would make it a serious contender. Yet, some players have found better success with other darts, and the other elements, like the 27-game variations, are overwhelmingly excellent.

10. Viper Ion Electronic Dart Board

The Viper Ion’s neon spider-web design belies a strength as tough as spider silk. Even if you throw a dart at it a thousand times, smash it into the ground, set it on fire, and place a voodoo curse on the whole Viper business, it will probably still work properly and brightly display the scores.


The ultra-thin, spider-web segments are the strongest ones available, so don’t worry about damaging it or having your visitors or children damage it.

Electronic dart board benefits

Electronic dartboards vary from bristle dartboards. Some perceive them as an alternative or a means to practice bristle darts, but the board is different, and there are many differences. Electronic boards are great for practicing rhythm and throwing. This is perfect for beginners or those without a bristle board. Darts help with accuracy. The soft-tipped darts provided, which are significantly safer than bristle board darts. A toddler can only do a little harm with soft-tipped darts. You don’t have to worry about your kids’ safety (or the darts destroying your walls).

Electronic dart boards generally score instantly, eliminating mental math. This helps kids. Some dartboards offer hundreds of game types. Best electronic dart boards and innovative developments enable solitary play and practice when others aren’t present. You may also play in modes for many players, so you’re not limited to two. Another link to applications to monitor your progress and some online dart boards let you to compete against other players across the globe, like a gaming console.

Which is better, a bristle dartboard or an electronic one?

There needs to be a clear best option. However, you can easily determine which variety is best for your purposes. If you plan on taking your dart playing seriously and maybe even entering tournaments, you should consider investing in a board that meets the 18-inch minimum diameter requirement set by the PDC for bristle boards. It’s great to have access to these boards for practice since they’re identical to the ones used in the competition. A 15.5-inch diameter electronic dartboard is standard for tournament play.

Electronic boards are a fantastic option if you’re seeking a fun, bar-style game that can be played by more than two people at once, want the chance to take on anyone from across the globe, or are just wanting to play a game that won’t put your furniture and walls at danger.


The DARTSLIVE-200S Soft Darts Board is our best pick and has earned a 9.8 out of 10 scores from our editors. There’s an app that lets you connect with players all around the globe, keep score, and more, and the training mode is simple to use. We also highly recommend the Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard, which has an impressive array of games, can accommodate as many as eight players at once and offers five distinct difficulties.

The Binge Electronic Dart Board is a great choice for bar gaming if internet play isn’t required. The game supports more than two players and has 27 unique game styles. Great for the game room or home bar, and certain to provide hours of entertainment.

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