New 2023 BMW iX Price, Review, and Specifications and Features

If you’re looking for a luxurious and futuristic car, you should check out the 2023 BMW iX. This all-electric SUV is perfect for those who are looking for a high-quality vehicle that is environmentally friendly. Not only is the BMW iX stylish, but it also has a range of over 500 kilometers, which means you can travel long distances without any worries.


Car Highlights:

The pricing of the 2023 BMW iX all-electric SUV in US is $84,100 (ex-showroom, United States). The iX, introduced in Drive 40 form, is BMW’s first fully fleshed unit (CBU) electric vehicle in the nation. The iX, the company’s “technical spearhead,” is located at the top of the BMW lineup and is built on an advanced electric-only architecture.

  • The 2023 BMW iX is available in the Drive 40 configuration.
  • It has two 326hp electric motors and a 76.6kWh battery, giving it a WLTP range of 425 kilometers.
  • Introduces the new lightweight carbon cell and aluminum electric vehicle technology from BMW.

2023 BMW iX: information on the engine

2023 BMW iX Drive 40 generates a maximum torque of 630Nm and 326 horsepower. According to BMW, the Drive 40 has a maximum speed of 200 kph and can accelerate from 0 to 100 kph in 6.1 seconds. The Drive 40 has two electric motors on each axle, providing all-wheel drive.

Front and rear roll shafts, a solidly mounted steering column, double-wishbone front suspension, and individually controlled dampers are all standards on the iX. The iX is built on an upgraded version of BMW’s CLAR platform, which is made of aluminum and carbon fiber. Interestingly, the majority of the aluminum utilized in the iX is reclaimed.

Worldwide, the iX is also offered in the higher-speculating Drive 50 model, which generates 523 horsepower and 765 Nm of maximum torque and has a WLTP cycle driving range of up to 611 kilometers.

2023 BMW iX: power sources and charging

The battery pack for the 2023 BMW iX Drive 40 is 76.6kWh. The Drive 40 is advertised to have a 425km driving range on the WLTP cycle. As an inaugural offer, BMW offers an 11kW AC wall box charger in addition to the 2.3kW single-phase charger that is usual for home plugs. That can recharge the battery from empty to complete using the 2.3 kW charger in 36 hours; using the faster charger, that can charge it in just 7 hours. When a 150 kW or 50 kW power source is available, the Bmw iX can recharge the battery from 10% to 80% in 31 and 73 minutes, respectively.


An exterior style for the 2023 BMW iX

In 2018, the 2023 BMW iX design was initially previewed by the Next Concept. With various EV-specific features that set it unique from the brand’s ICE-powered cars, it’s a futuristic twist on the BMW appearance. The iX face is distinguished by BMW’s distinctive logo, which is massive.

The screen, which houses several cameras, radars, and sensors for driving assistance systems, is sealed off because there is no longer a need to send air into the radiators. Additionally, the grille’s material is self-healing. The iX remote headlamp assemblies have a quad of light strips in the upper portion in place of BMW’s traditional corona light design. The tail lamps also have a modern appearance.

Systems and other designing

In its M Sport configuration, the front bumper has angular, sharp design inspiration with air vents for aerodynamic effectiveness, and the rear bumper has diffuser elements. The iX borderless windows, flush-fitting door knobs, immovable clamshell-style hood, side skirts, and tapered dome are some of its other standout design features.

2023 BMW iX has 21-inch aerodynamically improved rims with 255/50 profile tires as its wheels. The drag coefficient is an astounding 0.25, even with all the aero components and fundamental forms created to lessen wind resistance.

Interior and features of the 2023 BMW iX

Though an 2023 BMW iX is around the same size as a BMW X5, its inside is more like an X7 because of the electric architecture, which frees up that space in the front center console area and enables a flat floor. Natural materials are used in the iX’s upholstery, while some interior accents are made of recycled plastic.

The redesigned hexagon steering wheel and the enormous curved display, which serves as both a navigation system and a data acquisition system, are the main highlights of the cabin. A 12.3-inch indicator panel and a 14.9-inch multimedia screen are grouped under a single curved glass, both directed toward the driver. The system controls the most current operating system from BMW, the iDrive eight.

Inside the car

2023 BMW iX cabin has a lovely sense of minimalism, thanks to the absence of buttons. The settings for the drive selection and BMW’s iDrive rotational controller are located in the forward portion of a high-mounted armrest because this vehicle is an electric vehicle. On the door, trims are a few additional controls.

Impressive quality levels can be found inside. The combination of high-grade wood, chrome, and leather is stunning, and the overall level of luxury is comparable to that of the BMW 7 series. This automobile feels both opulent and cutting-edge because of the bright, spacious interior, the roomy, supportive front seats, and the numerous crystal accents placed throughout.

Additional features

The iX has a tonne of features, including an electrochromic scenic glass roof, multi-function seats with memory and massage functions, a custom leather interior, lighting effects, the BMW Virtual Assistant, a head-up display, fast charging, Android Auto and Apple Car Play, preliminary exploratory climate control, an 18-speaker Harman Kardon audio system, soft close doors, an interact camera, reversing assistance, and much more.

Airbags, ABS with brake assistance, cruise control with stop, steady state and dynamic control (DSC), and a tire pressure monitoring system are among the safety equipment on board. With various driving assistance tools, including front collision warning, blind spot recognition, and merge lanes warning with the active return. Additionally, the iX recently received a 5-star safety certification from Euro NCAP.

2023 BMW iX competitors in India

BMW is the latest major luxury automaker to introduce an electric vehicle in India. The BMW iX will compete with vehicles like the Jaguar I-Pace, Audi e-Tron SUV, and Mercedes-Benz EQC.


Words from experts: Effective Performance

But the 2023 BMW iX makes us feel as at ease for the remainder of our day as those happy and calm driving. The iX had the wheel proportions of the BMW X7 and the height, width, and stature of the BMW X5, so from the driver’s seat, it seemed substantial and familiar. Using ample strength from the 523hp-equivalent dual electric motors, we leisurely sped through small villages on rewinding roads, passing surprised inhabitants as time and space permitted.

When we had the chance, we drove it around the town, quickly reaching 120 mph in this 5,659-pound, all-wheel-drive vehicle. (Electronic limits set a 124 mph top speed.) Despite the thrilling (artificial) thrum of the electric engine and the overall noise of the tires on the road, the iX seemed steady and silent.

The time from 0 to 62 mph is 4.6 seconds. For consumers outside of the nation, noise-reducing tires are optional. With the option of dynamic or manually configurable brake recovery, IX helps to improve the overall effectiveness and makes one-pedal driving and cruising possible. Based on your energy requirements and how busy the roads are, it’s nice to flip between those modes.

Overall Car Review

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  • Its glossy crystal-cut controls are gorgeous.

The most moderate regenerative brake setting is what we use for most of the day. Still, additional options are available depending on the amount you want to drive with only one foot.

According to BMW, using a DC fast charger to charge from 10% to 80% capacity will take 35 minutes. BMW will market a home charger, but a representative would not disclose the cost, only saying it would be “identical to contemporaries.”

If you do not have a charging station at home, we don’t advise purchasing an EV because it’s highly impractical. Public chargers are frequently damaged and inaccessible in dubious locations like parking lots and unoccupied warehouses or so crowded with people that we must wait to recharge while waiting for a few more.

What does a test drive say?

We left towards the riverbank and arrived relaxed and rejuvenated after a brief tour of the 2.45 million m2 site (the facility produces battery cells using 100% renewable technology that enables us to evaluate). BMW’s new route-planning advice worked flawlessly, which defied all expectations given how poorly car navigation systems often function. An internal camera captured even pictures of the lush Alps along the trip. Future generations! Eliminating the middle tunnel in internal-combustion engines resulted in more legroom and storage space. Our bags, outerwear, and related travel accessories quickly understood the ride.


After reading, though, it’s clear that the 2023 BMW iX is not just a luxury vehicle but also an inspiring one. It may inspire you to make your dreams come true as well. In any case, we hope this article has shed some light on this car and given you a complete insight into what everyone is raving about! Not only will this be your dream car, but it also has an affordable price tag associated with its luxury features!

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