10 Best Electric Fireplace To Buy in 2023-2024

Electric Fireplace Without the cost of installing and maintaining a fireplace, an electric fireplace heater adds heat and coziness. We tested 23 electric fireplace heaters in our Des Moines, Iowa lab for simplicity of construction, heating performance, design, safety, and pricing. The Costway 20-inch Freestanding Electric Fireplace won because it offers tremendous heat, has various safety features, and has realistic “flames” you can see from three sides. Our top fireplace heaters are here.

Electric Fireplace

List Best Electric Fireplace

1. Costway 20-Inch Electric Fireplace

Costway Freestanding Electric Fireplace Heater was the best of 23 electric fireplaces we evaluated. It was straightforward to set up—we just had to screw on the legs—and no extra installation was needed. Even though it’s small, it instantly heated up to 5 feet away. A cool-to-the-touch exterior, overheat protection, and CSA certification are safety features. It wasn’t readily toppled either.


You won’t have to store this heater in winter if space is a concern. The flame element works separately from the heat, so you may use the fireplace in the summer for ambiance even when it’s scorching outdoors. For fire viewing, the heater includes three windows. During testing, the flames looked realistic.

2. Turbro Suburbs TS17 Electric Fireplace Stove

The Turbo Suburbs Compact Electric Fireplace Stove, like our best overall winner, is a good choice for warming tiny spaces on a budget. This version costs less than $100 and requires only one person to assemble (just put on the legs).


It’s lovely to enjoy the flames without the heat. Our tester said, “The colour of the flames and the embedding of the flames in the fake log is fairly realistic.” The unit’s realism is enhanced by the red flames on the grill underneath. You can only see the “flames” from the front because the Turbo has no side windows.

3. Real Flame Callaway Grand Electric Fireplace

If you want to add a classic fireplace and mantel to your living room without a chimney, the Callaway Grand Electric Fireplace is worth the investment. It’s more expensive and space-consuming than a modest electric stove, but your family may congregate around the “fire” and adorn the mantel and space above it for years. To compliment your decor, it comes in white or chestnut oak. Up to 30 pounds of decor can fit on the mantel, but no TV.


It took two of us about an hour and a half to assemble the fireplace, but it’s solid and weighty. However, the instructions were simple. According to our tester, “All of the cabinet pieces were labelled with a number, and the instructions displayed the part number in the visuals, which was very useful in executing the assembly.”

4. Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove

This fireplace heater and 32 other space heaters were tested at home and in the Lab. It is beautiful and compact, looks like a wood stove without the trouble of firewood, and has excellent heat settings. This fireplace may be used without heat and has three viewing windows like our best overall option. Our tester said, “The logs glow to look like a real fire box.” Although you can’t modify the flames’ colour, there are five brightness levels.


This infrared heater heats people and objects rather than air. When testing this heater, the room temperature didn’t alter. The heater heated well on all settings, according to our tester. Although the directions were vague, the heater has a remote to modify those settings.

5. Better Homes & Gardens Freestanding Fan Forced 1500W Portable Fireplace

Better Homes and Gardens’ budget-friendly portable fireplace is compact and light. It’s 12 x 7 x 15 inches and features a leather strap handle. If you didn’t believe you had room for a fireplace, this one should fit. Our tester calls it “ideal for a small office or bedroom.” This was our favourite space heater out of 32 we tested in the Lab since it heats well and looks well.


This little heater has many of the same characteristics as the larger freestanding heaters in this collection, and some even more. You may watch the flames without heat on its high and low heat settings. The temperature-regulating feature and how rapidly this heater warmed the space impressed us. Once the room reached the dial’s specified temperature, the heater cut off, and when it cooled below it, it turned back on.

6. Real Flame Silverton 48-inch Electric Fireplace

The Real Flame Silverton Electric Fireplace, with trim moulding, creates a warm focal point in any area and appears like a handcrafted fireplace. Although it can’t hold a TV, the mantel can hold up to 31 pounds of picture frames and other decor. It may also change flame colour and brightness.


Although it’s not the easiest item in our roundup to assemble, it took two of us less than an hour and was straightforward to follow the illustrated directions. Our tester had to loosen some screws to fit the cabinet top to the base. The firebox panel and remote settings were easy to operate after assembly. In fact, the remote operated up to 25 feet away. Even though this fireplace doesn’t have an overheat shutoff, you can set a timer to turn off the heater after 9 hours.

7. Glenwood Fireplace TV Stand by Walker Edison

Walker Edison’s TV stand holds up to 150 pounds and has plenty of storage. If you want a fireplace but don’t know where to put it, it’s a terrific space-saving solution. The firebox cabinets have glass doors and a large shelf. It took two of us 2.5 hours to set up (25 stages! ), but you’ll enjoy the effects for years.


This unit has a powerful heater and is beautiful and functional. We were startled by how powerful the heat felt—we could feel it more than 7 feet away while testing. However, the fireplace has only one heat setting and no remote. Although the unit’s controls are easy, we would prefer that the fireplace take a cue from the TV it supports and allow you rest on the couch without having to get up to change the settings. We enjoy the multicoloured flames and that you can see them without heat.

8. Electric Fireplace Real Flame Foster Stove

“From the front view of this fireplace, this is certainly one of the most lifelike flames I have ever seen!” said our tester of the Foster Stove Electric Fireplace’s “fire.” It heats up rapidly and we observed a difference between the four heat settings. For a more authentic look, this is the only choice in this roundup with a stovepipe.


This black, steel unit doesn’t have a tip-over shutdown, but it’s unlikely to fall over. Although a remote would be nice, the control dials were straightforward to use.

9. Hearthstone Home 36-Inch Electric Fireplace With Mantel

We recommend the Hearthstone Home 36-Inch Electric Fireplace for a quick, rustic stone fireplace. Despite its size, this was straightforward to build during testing. From the time we pulled it out of the box, removed the plastic, and screwed in a bracket on one side of the heat box, it took about 15 minutes to get it functioning. “The unit was 98 percent assembled was fabulous,” our tester said.


If you need a powerful heater for a large room, this fireplace won’t work. If you like the aesthetic of a traditional stone fireplace and want to enjoy the flames year-round, this is a good option. It also has a wood mantel for seasonal adornment. It’s remote-controlled and CSA-certified.

10. Zipcode Design Lauderhill Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace

This wall-mounted electric fireplace is stylish and space-saving. LED flames flicker realistically. For rooms up to 400 square feet, this unit’s 5,118-BTU heater is ideal (about the size of a two-car garage). A timer, safety stop, and thermal overload protection are great safety measures. A remote control is included for convenience.

This electric fireplace is easy to instal and looks nice, but we haven’t tried it in our Lab. We also enjoy that it comes in four styles: White Frame, Black Frame, Mirror Glass Panel, and Stainless Steel. You can turn on the flames without the heater to enhance ambience.

How to Choose an Electric Fireplace Heater

Heating Capacity

While electric fireplace heaters shouldn’t be your main source of heat, they can provide a lot of supplemental heat. Consider your fireplace heater’s recommended heating capability if you wish to heat part of your house. Most units mention their recommended room size.


Fireplace heaters range from sophisticated, wall-mounted types to rustic, wood stove-inspired ones. As you shop, consider your decor and how the heater will fit. For instance, our best splurge option, the Real Flame Callaway Grand Electric Fireplace, has a mantel for decorating and looks like a real fireplace. The Walker Edison Glenwood Highboy Fireplace TV Stand offers plenty of storage and can hold a TV.


It’s crucial to pick a product with built-in safety safeguards because electric heaters cause house fires. Look for a model that shuts off automatically if it overheats. You may want a cool-touch product if you have young children or pets. Look for labels showing that UL, ETL, or CSA have tested the unit. 1 If you’re close to an outlet, consider an electric heater with a long power cord instead of an extension cord.

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