BMW i7 Electric Luxury Sedan

In 2023, a new chapter in BMW’s fight against electric vehicles will debut. The first-ever 7 Series electric will debut with the future group BMW i7 2023 Series (G70). BMW has asked me to Munich to try out an i7 pre-production prototype before the product is released in June of this year (the market launch is in November).


For various reasons, such is a standard procedure in the automotive business.

  • First, a media-driven early prototype enables the engineers to gather feedback outside their typical testing cycle.
  • Second, before the market debut, the marketing and press teams continue to tease their items.

First look from Prototype.

The trial automobiles always are covered in camo material, just like the BMW i4 prototype. No exception exists for the fuel BMW i7 and 7 Series prototypes. In Maisach, where BMW runs several driving schools, the day begins. Due to the scheduling, I had to drive the i7 and the gasoline-powered 7 Series back-to-back. And that’s interesting since there’s no way the two prototypes could be different. While the i7 is a fully-electric drivetrain that shares some parts with the BMW iX, the standard 7 Series uses the new S68 V8 4.4-liter engine with a 48-Volt mild combination.

Standard features of a premium sedan

In the presentation, BMW shared some tech-related information with all of us.That was all it did to inform me that the 7 Series was entirely electric and featured all the standard limo features, including integrated steering, four-wheel steering, electrically adjustable dampers, and air suspension. That provided no information regarding the battery’s capacity, range, horsepower, or other enticing technical details. But fortunately, we have written extensively on the BMW i7 before, resulting in us being able to form some right to assume.

The Prototype BMW i7 drove like a vehicle with at least 500 horsepower. It had a stronger feeling of power than the 516 horsepower BMW iX xDrive50. There is a power range between that and 550 horsepower. Additionally, we are convinced that that included the xDrive system after maneuvering the i7 model through some narrow regions. As a result, if we combine these pieces of information, the BMW i7 xDrive60 that BMW of USA just disclosed is probably this early version. Irrespective of its title, this road test aimed to obtain a feel for the new electric sedan driving experience.

Quick as Flash!!!

Our initial thoughts? The BMW i7 is unbelievably quick. The i7 is super-fast off the ground and easy to drive while being significant and influential. Before you reach marginally legal levels, a light tap on the driving pedal is all it takes to get you back in the seat. Although a scientific test wasn’t conducted, we are sure that the time from 0 to 62 mph will be in the minimum 4s.

The torque transfer is quick and enjoyable, much like the i4 and iX. I’m reminded of the benefits of driving an electric car while navigating tight turns. Because of the speedier power delivery, you may push the automobile to more significant limits and easily pass any slow-moving traffic. Like the other electric BMWs, this one also has an eBoost feature, but as expected, BMW i7 withheld the specifics. However, everyone can feel the extra power and torque provided in brief spurts.

Functions and Other Features

It still functions just like the previous version, though it has been adjusted for the electric engine and the size of the 7 Series. Additionally, it functions with electronically regulated shocks and suspension height adjustments. In Sport Mode, the suspension lowers the ride height and dynamically adjusts body height. Naturally, the suspension is constantly changed, allowing the new i7 to smooth out and stabilize any abrasions in the road pavement.

Along with the Integrated Active Steering, the BMW i7 package also includes a new steering system with an adjustable interest steering rack. As you travel at speed, the rear wheels turn in tandem with the front wheels to increase stability. The rear-wheel angle can increase to 3.5 degrees, according to BMW.

What’s on wheels?

A relatively close wheel slip that enables various and innovative energy transfer between the front and the rear wheels is another feature of the BMW i7 electric. The i7 is biased towards rear-wheel drive (RWD) in typical driving situations, precisely like all BMWs with rear-wheel drive platforms. Although it has been modified for the 7 Series platform, the entire package has the same vibe as we observed in the BMW iX.

We frequently lose sight of the BMW i7’s substantial weight because of how agile it feels on its toes. In this Prototype, the integrated brake system was mated with 18 and 19-inch M Sport Brakes, which came in handy in several close calls.

Smoother handling with a sharper tip

First, from V8-powered 7 Series, the steering sensation is different. The absence of a large front engine offers the i7 a lower front, which results in softer handling and less road sensation.

That also informed us that the balancing of the automobiles varies slightly, but this information needed to be more explicit then. In our opinion, the steering of the BMW i7 feels lighter and has a lot more hotspots than the handling of the “normal” 7 Series. Sport Mode will partially correct that behavior.


Different Modes and comfort

While the latter increase the ride quality of the electric sedan, the former is achieved by offering settings across the entire tech stack and a softer ride. The difference between the driving categories is substantial, just like in other current BMWs. However, BMW intends to offer dual-character vehicles. Therefore, that is by design.

If you are driving alone, we advise using the Sport Mode; however, if you are driving with passengers, we strongly advise using the balanced setting. Be cautious when accelerating and stopping an electric vehicle because long automobile rides can make you queasy.

The Most Modern Features for Driver Assistance

That leads me to my next point. The new BMW 7 Series, and subsequently the i7, is equipped with a robust sensor and radar network. Along with a front-view camera installed in the bumper, an object recognition camera is incorporated into the upper portion of the windshield. Two side mirror cameras and a rear-view camera are present. A long-range radar and two near-range radars are located at the front of the vehicle.

Added Level 2 Features

This new technology results from BMW’s most extensive driver support system. The Guided View function, which extends ar technology in the center console, is included with the new 7 Series and i7 models. New highway assistants and highway exit assistants are also available. With the latter, the vehicle can switch up to six lanes before leaving a roadway. You will be alerted by the function when you get close to your exit, and you can confirm it by tapping the turn signal.

The earlier is also highly fascinating. The new 7 Series may change lanes by pressing the signal lights in the appropriate direction. It is acceptable to go if the automobile detects it. The car will also change its speed to carry out the operation securely.

Urban Cruise Control with traffic signal monitoring is also available to German consumers. Additionally, there is the standard Active Lane Guidance, Crisis Assist, Automatic Braking, and Automatic Speed Assistant.

Winding Noise Lessened

The BMW i7 was peaceful on the highway despite having winter tires on 20-inch wheels. The lack of outside noise also allowed the sound of the tires to remain outside. There is a choice of 21-inch Air Speed Wheels the 20-inch light-alloy wheels. These have a foam layer on their inner surface and produce less air drag. They can also be equipped with tires that reduce noise. The BMW i7 can reach 225 km/h swiftly, although at the sacrifice of its electric range. The information regarding the top speed is still awaited.

Interiors Inspired by the iX.

Indeed, some of you may be curious about the BMW i7’s interior layout, but the space needed to be better masked and feature materials suitable for mass production. As was already mentioned, the two sizable and connected curved panels from the iX will be transferred to the BMW 7 Series and, indirectly, the i7. The physical controls used to change the ambient temperature are also gone in the new 7 Series.

The center console is a carbon copy of the iX’s, complete with a plain gear shifter and iDrive controller. Along with a new steering style with a flat bottom, there was also the option to close the doors by pressing a button. The newest 31-inch theatre screen was regrettably not visible to us, but we will have an opportunity to try it out before the formal reveal.


The BMW i7 ultimately responds to a market searching for a high-end, luxury, and electric vehicle. As a result, it will have features geared toward that clientele. This BMW i7 prototype has the feel of a well-refined vehicle with good handling and, ideally, a respectable electric version because an electric sedan must provide an exciting driving range with quick charging times despite all the abundant comforts and high-tech features. Additionally, a top-notch communication system.

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