10 Best Electric Blanket

Those who suffer from chilly nights, are looking to save money on their heating bills, or just appreciate a more comfortable bed can find a great use for an Electric blanket

If you want to be sure your electric blanket is safe, Daniel Majano, program manager for the Electrical Safety Foundation International, suggests checking for certifications and only purchasing from trustworthy vendors.

“This helps avoid fakes that may not have built-in safety safeguards,” he adds, referring to products approved and evaluated by an NRTL.

Electric Blanket

Products that have received a certification from the NRTL have been tested and shown to be safe for normal usage.

There is no need to worry about the safety of the electric blankets listed below since they have all been tested and approved by either UL or ETL, both of which are NRTLs in the United States.We tested and compared a wide variety of electric blankets before settling on our top picks, which we believe to be the best in terms of construction, size, safety, and other key criteria.

The Micro Flannel Reverse to Sherpa Electric Heated Blanket is our top selection because it is comfortable, can be washed in a machine, has dual controls and an automatic shutdown timer, comes in various sizes, and comes in several different colors.

Check out our top-recommended electric blankets that have passed our rigorous testing.

1.  CURECURE Heated Blanket

The CURECURE heated blanket is a great choice for individuals on a tight budget since it costs around half as much as the typical electric blanket. The absence of obtrusive cables enhances the undeniable comfort provided by the velour. Despite having four heat settings, our tester reported feeling warm when using the blanket.


The blanket comes in four different sizes and five different colors, and it can be machine-washed on a cold cycle but has to be air-dried. Although our reviewer would like additional customization options, this product is still a fantastic value. It’s simple to use, and spills may be wiped up immediately.

Price: $46

Material: Polyester, cotton | Size: 50 x 60 inches, 62 x 84, 72 x 84, 84 x 90 inches | Timer: 6 hr. auto shutoff | Heat Settings: 4

2. Shavel Micro Flannel Electric Blanket is a High-Quality, Durable, Heating Technology Blanket that is Luxuriously Soft and Warm

Electric blankets have the potential problem of being cumbersome and unsightly when they are not in use.

This option from Shavel is available in a variety of stylish colours and patterns, so you can liven up your sitting area with a splash of colour without having to sacrifice comfort. We appreciate that this option is not only aesthetically pleasing but also sturdy and functional.


Our guinea pig reports that “the blanket heated as predicted, and the wires were not unduly evident while sleeping beneath it.” As one reviewer put it, “I enjoy the dual heat option, particularly for lovers sharing this blanket on a bed.”

It has eight different heat settings and an automated shutdown timer that you may configure. No wires are discernible through the thick and very comfortable flannel fabric. Even though it’s a touch pricey, we’re big fans of this blanket because of its stylish functionality.

Price: $278

Fabricated from Microfiber; Measuring 90″ x 72″; Featuring a 10-Hour Auto-Off Timer and Eight Different Heat Settings

3. Sherpa to fleece reversible electric blanket, Beautyrest

The Beautyrest heated shawl is our go-to for a hands-free electric blanket. All three heat settings will keep you toasty without drawing attention to the wiring. The blanket may be worn across the shoulders like a shawl, keeping you toasty as you lounge on the sofa or go about your daily chores.


It’s perfect for youngsters and teenagers because of the low price and wide range of available colours. The UL stamp of approval ensures that it produces almost no dangerous radiation or pollutants.

A Beautyrest wearable blanket was reviewed, and although the tester found the cord and control panel to be somewhat cumbersome, they praised the blanket’s uniform heating and user-friendliness.

Price: $59

Size: 64″ x 50″, Fabric: Sherpa and Fleece, Auto-Off: 2 Hours, Heat: Medium, High, and Low, and Temperature Control: 3

4. Micro-Plush Heated Blanket with Foot Pocket from Degrees of Comfort

What’s up with your toes? Grab the Degrees of Comfort Micro-Plush Heated Blanket. It’s machine-washable, dryer-safe construction and lengthy guarantee of five years helped it receive a perfect score in both efficacy and durability categories. Our reviewer didn’t feel any annoying cords or discomfort when cuddling because to the extra-long power cord.


One of the most notable features of this electric throw is the foot pocket, which may be used as a comfortable resting place for your feet whether you’re sitting at a computer or relaxing on the sofa. Although our reviewer noticed a few loose threads right out of the packaging, they still found the blanket to be quite comfortable and just the right amount of toasty.

Price: $53

Microplush polyester; 50 x 62-inch dimensions; 2-hour auto-off; 3 heat levels

5. Hyde Lane Premium Faux Fur Heated Throw Blanket

This ultra-plush electric blanket is upholstered in luxurious fake fur. The 100% polyester construction gives it a plush, comfortable feel that has led some online reviewers to call it the softest electric blanket they’ve ever used. The power chord is more than 6 feet long, and there are three heat settings to help you select the optimal one.


Many of us here at GH are excited to give this item a try in the lab because of its high-end appearance. Additionally, the top may be either fake fur or sherpa, and comes in five distinct colours and designs to accommodate any taste. One thing to bear in mind is that some reviewers have mentioned feeling the controller becoming heated after prolonged usage.

Price: $56

6. L.L.Bean Wicked Cozy Heated Throw

Try a reversible electric blanket if you can’t make up your mind between two different options. One side of this L.L.Bean design is smooth and velvety, while the other is sleek and ribbed.


This blanket is perfect for warming the sheets before bed or for cuddling up in while binge-watching your favourite programme, since it has five heat levels and an automatic shut-off after two hours.

One reviewer thought the blanket was great for taking a nap in the afternoon, saying that the ribbed side looked “sleek and trendy” while the non-ribbed side felt “luxuriously soft.”

One more person praised the blanket for its good quality and the even heat it provided. Experts from GH agree that this throw blanket seems quite comfortable, and they like that it comes in three different, simple colours.

Price: $119

7. Expressions Electric Bed Warmer

The Expressions electric bed warmer has a dual-layer safety system consisting of heat and electrical components. It is lightweight, soft, and comfy; perfect for a single bed.


Temperature may be set to your preference throughout a range of predetermined settings. Overheating is prevented automatically and safety requirements are maintained.

8. Bell Electric Blanket for Single Bed

Bell electric blankets may be easily tucked beneath a fitted sheet and draped over the top of a mattress to keep you toasty at night.


It has a convenient and user-friendly four-temperature setting. An aching back and legs may be soothed with the help of a Bell electric blanket’s heating function.

This electric blanket has been upgraded for your safety with Teflon-coated wire that is insulated on the inside.

9. Warmzzz Wool Electric Blanket for Single Bed

One of the finest electric blankets for a single bed is the Warmzzz Wool Electric blanket. In addition to keeping you toasty on cold winter evenings, it also protects you against shocks and overheating.


There are several settings for the climate control so that you may customise your experience to your preferences and the external environment. It creates heat on the interior and uses very little power, making it ideal for cold climates.

10. Warmland Polyester Single Electric Bed Warmer

When it comes to electric blankets for single beds, Warmland is a top contender. The soft Polyester fabric makes for a restful night’s sleep.


Because of how well it insulates heat, it’s perfect for the colder months. This electric blanket is risk-free to use because of its shockproof and waterproof construction.

Methods Used in Our Tests

Our editors combed the market for the best electric blankets to include in our list. Then, we went out and bought about 30 different picks to evaluate at The Lab in Des Moines, Iowa. We used metrics like quality, feel, efficacy, heat, durability, ease of use, and overall value to determine which ones were the best.

In addition, coffee spills were included to demonstrate how easily these blankets can be spot cleaned. Our team of testers assessed the performance and comfort of the blankets in use.

Additionally, we put some through their paces in the real world by having them run for extended periods of time in the homes of our test subjects. The final list was compiled with the aid of research done by our writer and feedback from our testers.

Considerations while purchasing for electric blankets

Here are some pointers to consider when picking which electric blanket to buy.

Fabric:  The majority of electric blankets are constructed of microfibre (a kind of polyester) or acrylic. Consumers liked the smoothness of microfiber over acrylic in our testing, but they could frequently feel the wiring through the microfiber textiles, which they couldn’t feel through the acrylic blankets.

Size:  Many electric blankets are throw-blanket size, but others come in Queen and King sizes, so consider if you want something to cuddle up with on the sofa or something to cover your whole bed. Some bigger blankets include dual heating, allowing you and your companion to choose various degrees of warmth.

Timer for Automatic Shutdown: For safety concerns, electric blankets sometimes have an automated timer that will turn the blanket off after a specified length of time. It might last anywhere from 2 to 10 hours, so think about whether you really need a blanket that will keep you warm all night.

Can we trust electric blankets?

I would say that, in most cases, this is correct. Most modern electric blankets include an automated shut-off timer ranging from 2-10 hours. Long-lasting heat blankets are safe to use at night, but they should be unplugged while not in use.

Make sure the blanket you want to buy has been certified as safe by an independent organisation like UL or Intertek. Always read and carefully follow all care and use labels to prevent injury.

If you want to know how much volts an electric blanket can take, you should look in the user manual. Then, if you want to plug the blanket into a higher-voltage outlet, you’ll need an adaptor.

How should I look after my electric blanket?

To begin with, you must, must, must follow all care and usage directions contained in your electric blanket’s handbook to ensure everyone’s safety.

Keep your electric blanket spread out evenly rather than bunched up in a ball, which may cause hot spots or damage the wires. When not in use, disconnect the blanket and fold it neatly to maintain it in excellent condition.

If you find any brown spots on your blanket, stop using it immediately and replace it: the brown spots most likely indicate that it has overheated, resulting in burned regions.

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