10 Best Electric Chainsaws

Electric Chainsaw battery-powered chainsaw is the quickest and most convenient method to remove a tree or limb that has fallen victim to a severe autumn or winter storm. Simply insert a fully charged battery and start using the device. If you maintain the chain sharp and the bar oil full, you’ll be able to quickly and easily cut through the wood.

Electric Chainsaw

This ease of use starkly contrasts the complex upkeep requirements of gas-powered chainsaws. The only way to safely store the gasoline for a two-cycle engine that doesn’t use ethanol is to mix in a preservative or use a fuel that doesn’t need storage. And a gas-powered chainsaw has to be used often throughout the year and maintained with regular tune-ups that include replacing the spark plug and air filter. If you follow those steps, you’ll have a saw that fires up quickly and keeps running smoothly. If you complete all parts of the procedure, you’ll have a sensitive piece of electrical equipment that will only work when you need it most.

Nothing beats the hard-charging torque of a well-maintained gas-powered saw for serious woodcutting work. A rechargeable chainsaw is less powerful than a gas-powered one, but it’s still enough for tasks like clearing away fallen branches, maintaining your landscaping, and cutting down trees. Furthermore, you probably already have a string trimmer or other cordless equipment with a battery that can power the chainsaw. More impressive is that professional tools have much more power than their gas-engine counterparts.

The Best Electric Chainsaws

1. GreenWorks Electric Chainsaw

GreenWorks is a well-known brand that mostly manufactures electric power tools. Our GreenWorks 2023 electric chainsaw is ranked third in this article since it is the most affordable alternative. Despite its low price, the product comes with a 4-year guarantee. This electric chainsaw also has a high build quality. As a consequence, you may anticipate it lasting a long time.


In addition, unlike other low-cost chainsaws, this one has a 14-inch blade. This blade is driven by a 10.5A motor, which is pretty strong for the price. You also get features like toolless chain tensioning, which enables you to alter the chain tension as required effortlessly. It even features an auto oiler, which is featured in much more costly models.


  • 14-inch blade size
  • 10.5A electric chainsaw
  • 4-year warranty
  • Value for money
  • Auto oiler keeps the blade lubricated
  • Tool-less chain tensioning
  • Ergonomic wrap-around handle


  • Chainsaw
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

2. WORX WG303.1 Powered Chain Saw

If you’re seeking well-regarded manufacturers of power tools, another excellent choice is Worx. This electric chainsaw has a good rating and is a top seller because of its reliable cutting power. This electric saw comes with a blade that is 16 inches in diameter, as advertised. The 14.5A motor that drives this blade is more than enough for chopping into hardwoods. Given its low cost, the chainsaw’s ability to provide a chain or blade speed of 12 meters per second is more than satisfactory.


This electric chainsaw is well-made and comes with a three-year guarantee. That means it will last long and perform its intended function of cutting trees without any problems. A useful automated chain oiling mechanism is included to ensure the chain is always in top shape.


  • 16-inch blade size
  • 14.5A electric chainsaw
  • 3-year warranty
  • Automatic chain oiling
  • Low kickback bar
  • 12 meters per second speed
  • 57 chain links


  • Chainsaw
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

3. Sun Joe Handheld Electric Chainsaw

While pressure washers are Sun Joe’s bread and butter. The company also sells a variety of other power equipment. This may be a good choice if you need an electric chainsaw and are on a tight budget. The Sun Joe SWJ701E Electric Chain Saw has a powerful motor and a long-lasting 18-inch blade, making it ideal for chopping down trees. This chainsaw strikes a nice mix between portability and cutting power. This chainsaw’s motor is particularly powerful since it has a 14A amperage rating. Thanks to its fine chain, this chainsaw makes clean cuts.


In addition to its low price, this chainsaw’s two-year guarantee is a welcome bonus. There are a lot of extras included with it as well, such a safety switch, automatic oiling, and a fast ignition. For many consumers, it’s hard to find a better deal than this.


  • 18-inch blade size
  • 14 amp electric chainsaw
  • 2-year warranty
  • Automatic oiler function
  • Small and compact
  • Sharp blade
  • Safety switch


  • Chainsaw
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

4. Makita UC4051A 16-Inch Electric Chain Saw

Makita power tools are among the most sought-after and respected in the industry. This may be the best choice if you need a high-end electric chainsaw. Next is the Makita UC4051A, which also provides excellent cutting performance and is featured as number two in this article. This chainsaw’s cutting blade measures 16 inches, making it an ideal compromise between portability and efficiency. With the 14.5A motor powering this blade, you can easily make quick work of even the thickest tree trunks and limbs. This is a Makita power tool, so it should make precise cuts.


Even though this chainsaw only comes with a one-year guarantee, it is still a premium power tool and has a solid build quality. This chainsaw comes with several handy features, including a grip that is both ergonomic and easy to use for extended periods. This is a great tool if you need to do quick work of chopping down some trees.


  • 16-inch blade size
  • 14.5A electric chainsaw
  • 1-year warranty
  • Great build quality
  • Tool-less blade and chain adjustment
  • Automatic chain oiling system
  • Comfortable and ergonomic handle


  • Chainsaw
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

5. Black & Decker’s Electric Chainsaw

If you are seeking for reasonably priced power tool brands, Black & Decker is another excellent choice. While Black & Decker is known for its budget-friendly goods, the electric chainsaw shown here is a notable exception.


The electric chainsaw shown here is among the more powerful alternatives discussed. Its 18-inch blade and 15A motor make this performance possible. In addition to its high-end capabilities, it is also far less expensive than alternatives of comparable strength.

This chainsaw has an excellent build quality and comes with a 2-year guarantee. It has a tool-free chain tensioning mechanism that makes adjusting the tension simple. For the user’s protection when chopping trees and branches, this chainsaw has a chain brake.


  • 18-inch blade size
  • 15A electric chainsaw
  • 2-year warranty
  • Chain brake feature for safety
  • Tool-free chain tensioning system
  • Automatic oiler for blade lubrication


  • Chainsaw
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

6. Earthwise CS33016 16-Inch 12-Amp Corded Electric Chainsaw

Finally, we have an excellent, reasonably powerful choice with Earthwise’s electric chainsaw. This company has earned a reputation for producing high-quality power equipment at reasonable prices. It has a 16-inch blade, which is enough for efficiently slicing through even the Largest trees. This chainsaw has a 12A motor that drives the blade, allowing for quick, clean wood cutting. Moreover, the excellent construction of this chainsaw is a major plus. For your assurance, when you’re using it to chop down trees, it comes with a guarantee that lasts for two years.


This chainsaw comes with several convenient extras, such as an integrated oiler that operates without your intervention. The rubber grip makes it easy to hold onto the chainsaw for long periods and improves the chainsaw’s ergonomics. And unlike gas-powered alternatives, this chainsaw operates with little noise due to its electric motor.


  • 16-inch blade size
  • 12A electric chainsaw
  • 2-year warranty
  • Automatic chain oiling system
  • Rubber coated ergonomic handle
  • Silent motor
  • Protective bar and chain cover


  • Chainsaw
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

7. Oregon CS1500 Electric Chainsaw


Only the high-powered Oregon CS1500 has a self-sharpening option among corded electric chainsaws. This means that by merely pushing a lever, you may restore sharpness to dull blades in as little as three seconds with the PowerSharp chain sharpening technology.

8. CRAFTSMAN CMECS600 Electric Chainsaw


At little over 6 pounds, the CRAFTSMAN CMECS600 is the lightest and cheapest electric chainsaw on our list, but it doesn’t skimp on power. Small trees are no match for its 16-inch saw bar and 12-amp motor. Price-wise, it’s the best bargain among our top 10 chainsaw picks.

9. Greenworks G-MAX 40V 20312 Electric Chainsaw


The Greenworks G-MAX 40V 20312’s many strengths include its compact size, long-lasting brushless motor, and lightweight construction. At just 10.4 pounds and 16 inches in length, it’s quite manageable. It has a 40-volt lithium-ion battery that has a runtime of 70 minutes and is compatible with at least 14 other Greenworks power tools.

10. Husqvarna 967256101 414EL Electric Chainsaw

With 120 volts and 15 amps of power, the corded Husqvarna 967256101 414EL is one of the most powerful electric chainsaws on our list.


A sleek body design and an air injection cleaning mechanism work together to keep your tool in working order for as long as possible. There are vibration dampeners and an ergonomically designed front handle to make it easy to carry and use. Its high price, however, is the one major negative among our top 10 units.

Electric Chainsaws of Various Types

Electric chainsaws are classified into two varieties based on their power source: corded and cordless. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages. Choosing between these two distinct tools is determined by the user’s preferences and the tasks at hand. A detailed explanation of each category is given below. Examine the data to make an educated judgement.

1. Electric Chainsaws with Cords

Electric chainsaws, as the name indicates, come with a chord or power cable that must be attached to a 110-volt outlet. They are more powerful than battery-powered/cordless chainsaws. Corded types are ideal for removing tiny branches, trees, and plants. They have enough power to do little to medium-sized chores including trimming, pruning, and chopping firewood.

Corded chainsaws are more powerful than cordless chainsaws. You do not need to stop to recharge the batteries since it is attached to a power supply outlet. They are also less expensive than other kinds of chainsaws.

The only disadvantage is the cord, which may be an annoyance and a safety danger if not used properly. Aside from that, the gadget will be plugged into an outlet, making it less portable. Power is measured in amps per hour (Ah) and horsepower for corded variants (HP).

Corded Chainsaw Advantages

  • Corded chainsaws typically feature 8 to 14.5 amp motors.
  • When using an extension cable, you may have a maximum reach of 100 feet from the outlet.
  • You won’t have to worry about maintenance if you get a model with an automated bar oiler. The oil will reduce wear and tear.
  • They are lighter than their counterparts. They often weigh 6 to 17 pounds.
  • Corded versions may operate indefinitely when connected into an electrical outlet.
  • They are less expensive than cordless models.
  • Power is greater in corded devices than in cordless variants.

2. Electric Chainsaws with No Cord

These types are powered by rechargeable batteries, making them portable and useful for light cutting and other little chores. The newest cordless chainsaw models are more powerful than their predecessors. You can now tackle modest chores without difficulty.

Cordless chainsaws have less power than corded versions. They are only appropriate for light firewood cutting, shrub cutting, pruning, and trimming. They will not run endlessly since they are battery powered. When the battery runs out of power, you must recharge it before proceeding with the chores. If you don’t want to stop in the midst of your job, carry an additional set of fully charged batteries on hand. The motor power in a cordless model is expressed in voltage (volts) and horsepower (HP). Cordless chainsaw batteries deliver 2 hours of continuous charging each replacement. However, this varies from model to model. You may have extra sets for of batteries on hand to swap as needed to finish the process.

Because of the high quality batteries used, cordless chainsaws are a little pricy. If you need an extra pair of batteries, you must pay an additional fee. Some individuals prefer to use cordless chainsaws because they are more mobile.

Cordless Chainsaw Advantages

  • A cordless chainsaw’s power output is measured in volts. Most types will provide electricity ranging from 24 to 84 volts.
  • Older versions used nickel-cadmium batteries, whilst newer models utilise lithium ion batteries.
  • Lithium-ion batteries are the greatest choice since they do not lose power when depleted. They also give an excellent cutting performance.
  • Lithium-ion batteries charge in about one hour.
  • Cordless variants simply have a button that allows you to tighten the chain.
  • The weight of a cordless chainsaw varies depending on the model.

What Is the Function of an Electric Chainsaw?

An electric chainsaw has a very basic functioning mechanism. A plug-in or a lithium battery powers them. Though not as fast as gas-powered chainsaws, electric chainsaws are strong enough to tackle the job. When you connect the battery or an electric outlet, an electric current is sent to the engine, which turns the rotor at high speed. This, in turn, powers the gears and chain.

Electric chainsaws are simple to use and do not need any additional setup. The only maintenance you need to do is oil or lubricate the chain. Lubrication enhances chain movement and prevents overheating. Some models even have auto-lubrication capabilities.


Quickly and simply lops down trees and branches with the help of an electric chainsaw. And in comparison to their gas-powered counterparts, they are much more dependable and quiet. This article features some of the greatest electric chainsaws on the market now due to their widespread popularity. You may also discover a comprehensive purchasing guide that will help you choose the one that is best suited to your needs and a summary of their features and possibilities.

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