10 Best Electric Cooktops

The switch from a gas stove to an Electric Cooktop one may be in your future. The finest electric cooktops are safer, simpler to clean, and more energy-efficient than gas ones. Whether you have a large family, a limited budget, or a tiny kitchen, this guide will help you choose the finest electric cooktop.

Induction electric cooktops are the most energy-efficient option since they heat your cookware directly rather than the cooktop surface. Additionally, they cool off rapidly, making them safer around the fire. Because of this, they are a fantastic option for households with kids.

Electric Cooktop

Centralized heat sources, such as metal coils, are used in electric cooktops, but the heat is transferred to the surface. The fact that they take longer to cool down after being turned off is often an advantage, as the residual heat may be used to keep food warm or continue cooking without further energy expenditure.

Unlike gas ranges, the surface of both kinds of electric stoves is flat and smooth, making cleanup a breeze. Many of today’s models also have an automated shut-off, so you can go out the door without second-guessing yourself about whether or not you switched off the stove.

Wi-Fi control is included on some high-end cooktops, making it possible to monitor a dish’s progress from across the room while it’s cooking slowly. Bridge burners, created by fusing two smaller burners into one larger one, are convenient for using with larger pans for cooking for a large group. With a larger electric stove, you get more burners. Five burners are plenty for even the largest feast, and most of the stoves in our guide have that many.

Our best induction cooktops(opens in new tab) and finest gas ranges(opens in new tab) recommendations may be more suitable alternatives than electric cooktops (opens in new tab). You may pick a stovetop that suits your requirements exactly.

Best Electric Cooktops

1. Samsung NZ36K7570RG Electric Cooktop

The Samsung NZ36K7570RG may offer little to no advantage over the other five-burner models we reviewed. However, this is not the case since this electric cooktop satisfies all your needs thanks to its adaptable layout.

The Samsung NZ36K7570RG has two burners with bridge components, allowing you to use bigger pans by linking the elements together. Then, there’s a sense of expansiveness since two of the other burners are adjustable to heights of six and nine inches, respectively.


The Samsung NZ36K7570RG is a great microwave since it can connect to your WiFi network and has 15 different heat settings, allowing you to keep tabs on your meals from afar. The cooktop’s kid lock and hot surface alert light make it a good option for families.

2. LG LCE3010SB Electric Cooktop

The LG LCE3010SB is a beautiful 30″ wide refrigerator with many useful culinary and safety features. It has five different heating components, one of which has several rings and is made of the ceramic glass. There are basic burners that are six inches, seven inches, and eight inches in diameter, an expandable dual burner that goes all the way up to nine inches, and a warming burner that is also six inches in diameter.


With this many zones, you can utilize pans of varying sizes and cook a wide range of items at once, all without worrying about burning anything. The touchpad controls are located in a semicircle at the front center of the cooktop, with individual semicircles of temperature indicators for each control zone. The “warm” and “kid lock” buttons are on the left.

3. Frigidaire FFEC3025UB Electric Cooktop

The Frigidaire FFEC3025UB is a low-cost refrigerator that doesn’t skimp on features despite its low price. Even though it has four burners, it comes with various features often seen on more expensive ranges, such as a Quick Boil function and a burner supported by 3,000 watts of electricity.

With seven heat settings per burner and a range of six to nine inches for the biggest burner, the Frigidaire FFEC3025UB’s cooktop’s focal point is undoubtedly its burners.


Furthermore, the Frigidaire Match Promise covers any expenses (up to $100) should the cooktop not be a great fit for your kitchen. If the appliance doesn’t exactly fit, our plan will make it so, adding even more value to the already inexpensive stove.

4. KitchenAid KCED606GBL Electric Cooktop

As the KitchenAid KCED606GBL Electric Cooktop has a downdraft, you won’t need to purchase a separate hood, saving you both time and money.

This useful equipment is not inexpensive, but it has several advantages over cooktops that do not have a downdraft. As a bonus, the KitchenAid KCED606GBL Electric Cooktop has an adjustable burner that can accommodate a pan or pot up to 12 inches in diameter, so you can easily simmer away substantial meals.


If you have kids running around the home, you’ll appreciate the stove’s emphasis on safety features. This comes with a heat indicator light to let you know whether there is any residual heat on the surface.

5. GE Profile PP9036SJSS Electric Cooktop

It’s easy to use and understand the GE Profile’s interface. It features a triple element that can reach 800 degrees Fahrenheit and has five burners with a total of 11 heat settings. Every burner’s control button has an intuitive icon to make operating easier.

To facilitate consistent cooking on a griddle, this range top has multiple burners that may be bridged together. In addition, it features a timer for each burner so you can keep tabs on how long each item is in the oven. When you’re done cooking, the stove’s heat indicator light will remain on until the burners have cooled down.


The GE Profile’s control lock prevents accidental usage by youngsters under the age of 13, and it also shields the stovetop’s surface from accidental burns when it’s not in use. The design of this stove top is sleek and contemporary. It’s pricier than most of the stoves we looked at, but it’s well worth it because of how many uses you can get out of it.

6. GE PHP9036DJBB Electric Cooktop

A total of five distinct heating elements are included in this user-friendly induction cooktop, allowing you to rapidly and accurately warm up your pots and pans.


Additionally, several users have commented on how simple the controls are to use and how impressed they were with the 3,700-watt induction element’s speed at which they were able to cook meals. It is possible to regulate two seven-inch elements simultaneously for even heating. The pan sensor and hot-surface alert function on this cooktop are just the icing on the cake.

7. GE Profile PP9030SJSS Electric Cooktop

The five interchangeable heating elements on this glass ceramic electric cooktop make it a very flexible appliance. One keeps meals warm, while the other two allow you to use pans of varying sizes on the same burner.


An additional function lets you simultaneously preheat two seven-inch components. This stovetop has a variety of convenient features, including a “melt” button, a “stay warm” button, a “hot surface” warning light, a timer, and a “rapid boil” button.

8. Hestan Cue Countertop Induction Electric Cooktop

With the Hestan Cue, you may learn how to cook just as effectively as if you had a private instructor in your own kitchen. The induction cooktop and high-quality stainless steel pan in this smart cookware set practically talk you through the steps of preparing various dishes so that you can replicate the results every time.


Using the Cue app, your stovetop will sense when you’ve added new ingredients and adjust the heat accordingly. The system has 12 distinct cooking modes, such as slow cooking, sauce making, rice cooking, frying, candy making, and more, and provides access to over 500 recipes.

9. Frigidaire Gallery FGIC3666TB Electric Cooktop

From its True Temp Melt & Hold function, which facilitates uniform and accurate melting of food, to its Auto Sizing Pan Detection, which adjusts the amount of heat used depending on the size of the pan, this induction cooktop is packed with practical, one-of-a-kind features.


Furthermore, there are five heating and warming components available on this stovetop. Reviewers have praised its speed in bringing water to a boil and its ability to precisely regulate cooking temperatures.

10. KitchenAid KICU509XBL Electric Cooktop

The KitchenAid Architect Series II KICU509XBL cooktop provides more compelling evidence of induction cooking. Its performance is on par with the other induction cooktops we’ve tried, and it has some neat extras like a bridge burner and surprisingly good touch controls.


The cooktop provides both low, steady heat that can melt chocolate without burning and high, rapid heat that can bring a pot of water to a boil in only two minutes. This stovetop is, without question, well worth the price.

Is it simple to clean and maintain an electric cooktop?

An electric cooktop might be the answer if your old gas stove is always collecting old cooking oils, fats, and other filth. With no detachable pan supports to collect dust and grease and no burners to disassemble and clean, just wipe off your glass-ceramic cooktop after it’s cooled to keep it clean.

While specialized cleaning solutions for electric cooktops are available, the most basic approach to cleaning one is with a little soap detergent, hot water, and a soft cloth. After cooking, wipe away cooking debris, spills, and crumbs (but wait for the stovetop to cool fully!) for the simplest clean since dried-on or burned food is more difficult to remove. With persistent areas, a little baking soda paste might assist.

Abrasive pads should not be used on your stovetop since they may create scratches on the surface and potentially harm the burners. If you have a persistent spill that even baking soda can’t get rid of, scrape it away with a razor-blade scraper at a 45-degree angle. To maintain a shining surface, polish your cooktop to a high gloss with a soft, dry cloth.

What extra features do the finest electric cooktops provide?

Even if you don’t cook often, you’ll benefit from the extra features of the finest electric cooktops. Warming zones will come to your rescue if you’ve ever burned the base of your meal while attempting to keep it warm since they generate less heat than a conventional heating element, allowing food to simmer gradually without burning.

Soft foods, like cheese and butter, may be difficult to manage without curdling. Therefore, melting settings will carefully care for them. These have the opposite effect of power-boil components, which quickly bring liquids to a boil.

You should also seek an electric cooktop with twin burners since they will conserve energy by only using the whole element when using a big pan. In terms of smart features, an electric cooktop with automatic pan recognition will turn on when you lay a pan on it and calculate a tailored heat surface to fit its size.

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