Top 10 Electric Guitar in 2022-2023 You Can Buy Right Now

It’s no secret that the world of guitars is changing rapidly. With new technology and styles always coming onto the scene, it takes time to keep up. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the ten best electric guitars in the world. Whether a beginner or an experienced player, the Eelectric Guitar will have something for you. So if you’re in the market for a new guitar, check out this list!

Here are the Best electric guitars in 2022-2023


1. Fender Telecaster Deluxe

Let us look at the Fender Telecaster, a premium electric guitar designed for artists who want to advance from novices to skilled players. The Telecaster is outfitted with insulated body cavities designed to reduce resonance and concentrate on individual notes while maintaining the crisp tone and high-quality spectrum that the fender electric guitar trademark is renowned for providing. With the ability to switch between crisp notes and strong treble, the twin single-coil pickups give the artist a distinctive sound tailored to suit different genres of interest.


The guitar’s body is made of alder wood, producing an even, bright sound, and the polishing of the fingerboard makes it simple to transition between notes and chords. Another acoustic-electric guitar at such a price is the Fender Telecaster, which features a “C” -a shaped design intended for comfort during prolonged play. The noise? Very traditional, direct, and biting. As we run out of words to describe this magnificence accurately, you’ll have to listen for yourself in this Telecaster video.

2. Gibson Les Paul Studio

This electric guitar features a neck that is narrower, unlike many standard methods, allowing for convenience and seamless movements when shifting between notes. It is created with a classic aesthetic that preserves the impression of classic quality. The Les Paul Studio is one of the best electric guitars produced by the Gibson brand for a Gibson electric guitar, which has become associated with the electric guitar profession.


The instrument uses an updated version of the humbucker PAF to eliminate some outside noise that lowers the audio quality. Mahogany and maple timber are blended to provide clarity and durability simultaneously. Other features include classic tuners that can adjust physically, a Graph Tech Screw for accurate string spacing, and a neck heel inspired by the legendary Les Paul. If your budget permits it, the Les Paul Studio is one of the best electric guitars on the market. It is highly regarded and outstanding for the price.


3. Ibanez Road core RC365H

The Ibanez Road core RC365H delivers a classic look and feel with a contemporary sound. Ibanez electric guitar is made of wood and has a classic appearance to please people. The guitar’s neck has an RC bolt that gives the richness and depth of the notes, and the f-hole on the lowest half of the instrument produces a deep, rich, resonance tone.


While moving through advancements, tuning is made more straightforward thanks to the body’s threading throughout and an upgraded bridge, while the rosewood fingerboard offers both elegance and comfort. The Core-Tone pickup, a proprietary design that reduces extra hum and resonance for clarity in tone, is the guitar’s most lauded feature. This electric guitar delivers high-quality features while retaining a vintage rock-and-roll spirit, with a three-way selector providing a variety of tones.

4. Squier Bullet Telecaster

The Squier Bullet Stratocaster SSS is the perfect instrument for individuals just starting in music because of its uncomplicated design and reasonable pricing. If you’re looking for an inexpensive electric guitar, this one is listed halfway down our list and has seen a significant price drop. This electric guitar is compact and ergonomic, with a basswood surface and a “C” shape construction, making it perfect for learning fundamental chord progressions and requiring extended practice sessions.


The medium-jumbo size of the twenty-one frets makes its electric guitar strings simpler to grasp the fundamentals of plucking and changing chords. When using the 5-position pickup blades, the single coil string pickup’s good sound and calm tone are provided. One of the best electric guitars for people wishing to start their musical adventure in style is the Squier Bullet, which comes in three color combinations.


5. Fender American Standard Stratocaster

One of the best electric guitars ever is that one. The body is constructed using an ash and alder mixture, which produces a balanced tone for both the incisiveness of the top chords and the deep reverberation of the reduced advancements. For improved alignment and ease of pitch adjustment, the contemporary bridge uses a block saturated with copper and steel studs and red electric guitar. This spaced layout reduces reverberation and superfluous hum.


This electric guitar also features a single-coil Strat that was specially created and is referred to as the “Fat ’50s” to produce a broader tone than other guitars. This 22-fret guitar has appealing qualities for guitar enthusiasts, including a cozy “C” shape and a tough finish. Looking at the well-known Fender brand again, the Stratocaster American Standard is a more expensive choice with the characteristics a seasoned player will need.

6. Grutsch G5422TDC

The “Black Top” Filter ‘Tron pickups on this perforated electric guitar produce a dramatic, bright, and focused tone, making it the top choice for the best hollow-body musical instrument. The electric guitar chords can offer powerful intonation thanks to the Adjust-Mastic saddle, which has three roles that let the player adjust the tone equilibrium.

The vibrato tailpiece enhances the audio quality with richness and dimension, and the maple body shape gives the tone, which is exclusive to that design, clarity. This vintage-style guitar offers musicians a high-quality alternative with three-position pickups, an open-back tuner, and a rosewood board. The Grutsch G5422TDC is an excellent choice if you want a distinctive sound with a strong twang.


7. ESP LTD EC-1000

The mahogany frame and neck of the guitar, along with the rosewood fretboard, give it a lightweight feel and a balanced appearance. The locking gate and locking tuners make intonation simple to gain and retain, and the extra-large size of the 24 frets makes chord changes simple and comfortable.


The toggle switch allows for precise audio output control, and the model includes two voice controls for various play modes. The ESP LTD EC-1000 is the ideal electric guitar for artists wishing to improve their performance and produce an overblown tone connected with the world of rock and roll. It is a highly regarded left-handed electric guitar with an elevated build. We adore every single episode of their EC series.

8. Epiphone Les Paul Special ii

This electric guitar’s open-coil construction and 650R humbucker pickups produce powerful, long-lasting tones. The Special II sports a toggle switch with a 3-way sensor and over 500K potentiometers for both tone and volume, as seen on all Epiphone guitars, to emphasize the quality of the sound and reduce excessive hum.

Mahogany is used to make the body, neck, and rosewood dot inlays decorate the fretboard electric guitar amp. The stop bar tailpiece, when used in conjunction with Lockton Tune-O-Mastic bridges, offers more remarkable persistence to the tone while also making string switching simpler. The Epiphone Les Paul Special II is ideal for individuals just starting their musical adventure or the seasoned musician searching for a daily practice instrument because it has all the characteristics expected in a premium electric guitar at an affordable price.


9. EX-DC D’Angelo Standard

The Regular guitar features Kent Armstrong Vintage humbuckers to produce a more natural tone with an organic feel that is concentrated and free of extra echo. Due to the design’s maneuverability, Super-Rotomatic tuners keep their tuning precision longer. The distinctive Stair step tailpiece maintains the strings’ pleasant pressure while producing a powerful resonant tone and a sense of confident solidity.


Other characteristics include a 3-way toggle with two settings of volume and tones and a semi-hollow body made from hardwood on the top and rear. The D’Angelo EX-DC Standard is an expensive electric guitar with pro-level capabilities. It is semi-hollow, compact, and has a cozy “C”-shaped shell like a Yamaha electric guitar. The EX-DC Regular is an electric guitar that appeals to a broad audience and is suitable for various musical styles.

10. Ibanez Artcore AF75

This guitar can perform well in all styles, from folk to hard rock, thanks to its hollow body style. It is renowned for its excellent tone and capacity to stay in tune over prolonged performances. The pickup at the collar and bridges, which lessen excessive humming for precision in sound and intonation, helps to some extent make that achievable.

One of the top hollow-body electric guitars on this list is the Ibanez Artcore AF75, which has a maple frame and a mahogany head. It is simple to modify the volume and tone for both the neck and the bridge and use the three pickup choices thanks to the super-grip design of the buttons at the root of the body. This 20-fret electric guitar is an excellent choice to electric guitar for beginners because it has a pearl block inlaid on the rosewood fretboard.



Before making your purchase, remember that an electric guitar has its own rules. You can’t just buy one and expect it to be the right fit for you. So before you choose which guitar is the best for you, follow these tips. Know what sound and style of music you like? Do the research and ask a friend who also plays if they have any recommendations. It will help ensure that your investment yields good results in the long run.

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